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Nuclear war survival portal


This portal is born as a result of the "nuclear peace" agreement with Iran. This agreement supposes to release many funds held in western banks and allow the Iranian to build their nuclear arsenal. As before him, president Obama declares "peace in our time". Another video in this subject can be seen here. It seems that electing a Muslim to the president of the USA was not the clever thing to do. Even to Saudi Arabia who funded his election...

The Iranians are honest people. Just like Hitler they say what they intend to do and they mean it. They have stated that they intend to destroy Israel, and we should assume that this is what they going to do when time comes. They do have more pressing enemies tough before they will get to Israel. There immediate enemies are the Sunnis which they fight against in Syria and Yemen with some touches in Saudi Arabia (for the time been). Then they have the infidels: the crusader and the “Big Satan”.

My hope is that Israel as the “little Satan” they might start with the crusaders before dealing with us. The Iranians might also start with Sunnis Muslims as they are their direct enemies.

Anyway, the world seems to be heading toward world war III. We can see it in many ways in the news.

So, I have decided it is time to build this survival portal for people that allows them to live in and after a nuclear war.

This portal is built on a Wikipedia system, so others can add their valuable content in this area.


Survival the nuclear bomb

There will be several minutes between a detection of a nuclear missile launch and its impact so there would be probably a siren alarm in the streets. This time should be used to get into proper shelter. Proper shelter is a room that can withstand blast impact and is sealed to outside air flow.

If you are not in the nuclear explosion core and you are in a shelter you have a good chance to survive the blast. You should remain inside the shelter for 24 hours as most of the radioactive particles decay within this timeframe. To be in a closed shelter for 24 hours, you need CO2 meter to check that there is enough oxygen to prevent suffocation.
It is recommended to take Potassium Iodide pills to saturate the thyroid gland with iodine. This will prevent radioactive iodine from the fallout get into it and change the body metabolism.

You should have some communication means with the outside world using cell phone radio etc.

After 24 hours you can open the shelter for fresh air and get outside to see how the landscape looks.

Life after 24 hours from nuclear explosion

I assume that many forms of civilization will be demolished and we will have a state of "every person for himself". Survivors should group together to some form of "commune" to take care of their day to day life.

You will need:

  • Weapons to deteriorate looters.
  • Some means to grow food.
  • Ways to produce electricity.
  • Ways to get drinkable water.
  • Ways to produce flammable gas and liquid car gasoline.
  • Ways to connect to the Internet.
  • "Basic professions": Tailor, shoe maker, fabric generators.

Until the state recovers, you are expected to survive in a commune taking care of your day to day needs.

In this portal, I will present “sustainability” means for self-coping with such a disaster.

Food court Shows ways to grow your own food in an urban environment.
Sustainability court Gives many recipes to get human's necessities by DIY means.
Luxuries court Recipes for getting some modern life Internet / Electricity / Water.